What is Feng Shui? Origin – Meaning & Elements of Fengshui

What is Feng Shui - Meaning - Origin - Elements of Fengshui

Feng shui is a theory formed from the long-standing practical experience of the ancients about natural phenomena, the environment, and living circumstances.
Feng shui is a combination of all elements such as terrain, shape, water flow, graves, topography, the layout of construction space, wind direction, and relationships between people & people.
Feng shui is strongly related to development, good fortune, destiny in all fields along with human life: health, prosperity, family & relative,…

Feng (風) means wind, is the phenomenon of air moving around us that we can feel or not
Shui (水) means water, is the force of water, water flow, water source, symbolizing terrainScience of- Five Elements in Fengshui

The Origin of Feng Shui

Feng shui is a science of balance the elements around the living space of humans that were developed thousands of years ago in the Far East & China.

What is Feng Shui? The Meaning of Feng Shui

If the qi meets the wind (Feng) it will surely disperse, and if it encounters the water (Shui), it will be prevented from stopping, ancient people for thousands of years have always taught us to do everything to let the qi gather, not If it is the canopy, the flowing water must have a stop, which is the origin of the name “feng shui”.

Feng shui is also a method of identifying and finding prosperous locations to make a place to live, settle down, or even a rich auspicious burial place so that it can bring full happiness, good luck and prosperity. precious glory, all that is called feng shui.

Similar to other traditional science and technology in Asian regions, feng shui is obviously also based on translation, the five elements, along with the theory of yin and yang.

Contrary to popular belief, feng shui is not based on superstition and beliefs, but rather a natural science, which has undergone thousands of trials and practices.

Feng shui is the art of helping people live in harmony with nature, using nature to make life perfect. Once life is in harmony with nature, each of us will be able to do more meaningful things. In summary, feng shui is the study of the flow of energy between people and nature.

The Elements of Feng Shui

The good mean balance the elements of feng shui
The bad mean imbalance the elements of feng shui

Five Elements in Feng Shui

Inter-promoting Weakening Inter-regulating Overacting Counteracting
Wood feeds Fire Wood depletes Water Wood parts (or stabilizes) Earth (roots of trees can prevent soil erosion) Wood depletes Earth (depletion of nutrients in soil, overfarming, over-cultivation) Wood dulls Metal
Fire produces Earth (ash, lava) Water rusts Metal Earth contains (or directs) Water (dams or river banks) Earth obstructs Water (over-damming) Metal de-energizes Fire (metals conduct heat away)
Earth bears Metal (geological processes produce minerals) Metal impoverishes Earth (over mining or over-extraction of the earth’s minerals) Water dampens (or regulates) Fire Water extinguishes Fire Fire evaporates Water
Metal collects Water (water vapor condenses on metal) Earth smothers Fire Fire melts (or refines or shapes) Metal Fire vaporizes Metal Water muddies (or destabilizes) Earth
Water nourishes Wood Fire burns Wood (forest fires) Metal chops (or carves) Wood Metal overharvests Wood (deforestation) Earth rots Wood (over piling soil on wood can rot the wood)

Elements of feng shui

Bagua – Trigram in Feng Shui

Trigram qián duì zhèn xùn kǎn gèn kūn
I Ching Heaven Lake Fire Thunder Wind Water Mountain Field
Yin – Yang & Five Elements (+) Metal (-) Metal (-) Fire (+) Wood (-)Wood (+)Water (+)Earth (-)Earth

Consists of the 64 pairwise permutations of trigrams

Yin – Yan & Heaven CANs – Earth CHIs in Feng Shui

10 Heaven CANs

10 Heaven CANs Chinese Spelling Yin Yang & Five Elements Year ends with
Giap Jia 甲 (+) Wood 4 (eg 1994)
At Yi 乙 (-) Wood 5 (eg 1995)
Binh Bing 丙 (+) Fire 6 (eg 1996)
Dinh Ding 丁 (-) Fire 7 (eg 1997)
Mau Wu 戊 (+) Earth 8 (eg 1998)
Ky Ji 己 (-) Earth 9 (eg 1999)
Canh Geng 庚 (+) Metal 0 (eg 2000)
Tan Xin 辛 (-) Metal 1 (eg 2001)
Nham Ren 壬 (+) Water 2 (eg 2002)
Quy Gui 癸 (-) Water 3 (eg 2003)

12 Earth CHIs in Feng Shui

12 Earth CHIs Zodiac Signs Yin Yang & Five Elements
Ty Rat Zodiac Sign (+)Water
Suu Ox Zodiac Sign (-) Earth
Dan Tiger Zodiac Sign (+) Wood
Mao Cat Zodiac Sign (-) Wood
Thin Dragon Zodiac Sign (+) Earth
Ty Snake Zodiac Sign (-) Fire
Ngo Horse Zodiac Sign (+) Fire
Mui Goat Zodiac Sign (-) Earth
Than Monkey Zodiac Sign (+) Metal
Dau Rooster Zodiac Sign (-) Metal
Tuat Dog Zodiac Sign (+) Earth
Hoi Pig Zodiac Sign (-) Water

12 Earth CHIs in Fengshui